My name is Jordan Michael Winn. I am a 32 year old Oklahoman with a love for old fashioneds, perfectly smoked tri-tips and Van Morrison. Professionally, I craft ideas through design and photography. I am an art director, designer and photographer with 17 years of experience working for software innovators, industry leading advertising agencies, and strategy firms. I also own Dead Rooster Co., a line of handcrafted dry rubs that connect incredible flavors with authentic branding, all to create real life value in community through simple, shared meals. In early 2015, I was featured by Instagram as a Suggested User and have since gained a large following. This audience provided a powerful platform to share my story and photographs for iconic brands such as Glenlivet, Stanley and Jim Beam.

Today, I am the Interactive Art Director with Gitwit, a product and marketing innovator nestled in Tulsa's historic Greenwood neighborhood. I work on interactive strategies for companies like Hilti and eLynx, and impactful organizations like 36° North and Still She Rises. Within Gitwit, I have become extremely tactical in creating new processes and highly protective in shaping workplace culture.

Previously I was with Brothers & Company as the Art Director over Under Armour Hunt & Fish, Under Armour Footwear, Under Armour Tactical, Bushnell, Mossy Oak, Marlin, Bushmaster, Advanced Armament Corporation, OERB Industry, Blackhawk!, Safari Club International and United Warehouse. I worked alongside some incredibly talented and patriotic individuals, learning a vast amount within the advertising world.

Before that, I was a UI Designer with LightCMS. I collaborated with several teams to craft a product for over 200,000 customer accounts, as well as design unique online presences for over 100 different companies and organizations. After two years at LightCMS, our small team of under 20 people was acquired by NetSuite, a software leader in the Silicon Valley. My new role was to craft the SuiteCommerce branding and web presence to represent clients such as Adidas, GoPro and Williams-Sonoma. This time taught me the value of communicating well within global teams. After my departure from NetSuite, they were soon acquired by Oracle.

In the early days of my work, I helped build the UI for deviantART’s first mobile platform. We launched to over 10 million users and were awarded Apple's Web App of the Week award.